We're very proud of our reputation in the field of model ship building, and our association with local ship yards and marine architects in Canada.   The Brinkworth's first connection with marine models started over 52 years ago in the UK.  The picture above was taken in the early 60's, showing me working on a model of the RMS SAXONIA for the Cunard Steam Ship Company in Great Britain.             

Visit the RMS SAXONIA model page

The BC Ferry Corporation was our largest client for marine models in Canada.  We've built most of their models since the introduction of their first "Super Ferry", and our association continued for many years, as they added new vessels to their fleet.

BC. Super Ferry - 1:150 scale

Century Class Ferries   1/100

Northern Expedition - 1:150

PacifiCat Catamaran Super Ferry Planning model for   Catamaran Ferry Spirit of British Columbia - waterline for Dunlop Beaufort Safety Equipment Display - for  Dunlop Beaufort

Vito STEEL Boat & BARGE CONSTRUCTION, was a small shipyard that operated here in Richmond BC from 1965 until 1987.   We built two pretty high profile vessels for them not long before they closed shop.     Our first, was the "Bonavista Bay" a Husky Oil Anchor Handling Tug, in a scale of 1:100.    Later came the model of Canadian Coast Guard vessel "Samuel Risley".    Both models were built at the same time as the actual vessels were being built at Vito's shipyard.   We followed, and photographed their progress right up to their "sea trials", and completion.    We felt privileged to witness, first hand, the creation of these iconic pieces of Canadian history, and to be a small part of preserving it.

Bonavista Bay  -  Husky Oil  Anchor Handling Tug - 1/100

Samuel Risley -  Canadian Coast Guard  -  Buoy Tender - 1/100  scale

Mauritius National Coast Guard  - Patrol Cutter - 1/100 scale

Island Tug 150 - Bulk Oil Barge

Atlantis Submarines  Various scales

Weston Cove -  Cargo Ship -Weston Super Mare

Petrobra's Brazil  - Oil Manifold Lockheed Petroleum

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