"Spirit Class"   (S CLASS)        SUPER FERRIES 

Spirit of British Columbia - after refit

  Spirit of Vancouver Island - before refit

The Rt. Hon. Mike Harcourt Mayor of Vancouver, BC, on board the first of the Super Class Ferries, in the early 1990's for the commissioning.   My family and I were also at the ceremonies, pictured (left), with one of our 1:150 scale models, commissioned by BC Ferries.  

The pictures above top show, Spirit of British Columbia after it's refit in 2005, and Spirit of Vancouver Island, before it's refit.   Six of the original models were built, three were of the "Spirit of British Columbia", and three were of the "Spirit of Vancouver Island".

Above is a typical "full Hull" model.   A "Waterline" model of a Spirit Class Super Ferry, was commissioned by Dunlop Beaufort, to feature their BC Ferry Safety Equipment.

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