Lockheed Petroleum

Submersible Oil Processing Manifold

Model Built in 1:48 Scale = 1/4" = 1 foot

This model was built in the Brinkworth Models workshops in Richmond BC Canada.   The commission from Lockheed Petroleum to build the model, was given to Lindsey Model and Design Consultants Ltd. in North Vancouver BC.   We built the model under contract to them, and delivered it to their workshops, for delivery to their client.

I understood at the time that the model depicted a new process, in undersea oil recovery, planned, or already in practice by Lockheed Petroleum, off the coast of Brazil.   It consisted of a manned, distribution manifold, (modeled here), sitting on the ocean bottom, which processed the crude oil from the various undersea wells, and distributed the processed oil, directly to oil tankers, sitting on the surface above.    A mini-sub, carrying personnel, equipment, and supplies could travel down from a surface vessel, and dock on the top of the manifold (round tube-like tower) and gain entry through the air-lock system.

 It was a great model to build, with many model building challenges for us.   Our techniques in producing RTV rubber molds, to cast component parts in "Epoxy Resins" were all developed for the first time, on this Petrobra's project.   A great little project that only came our way by chance, yet taught us so much in the art of casting.

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