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PPG Indy Car Champion

 Michael Andretti

Carl Haas    Michael and Mario   Paul Newman Andretti

Our invite to the Newman Haas Race Factory in Chicago

 Christmas 1991


Team-mate Mario Andretti #6 Lola Chevy

Carl Haas and Ralph Hansen, of Newman Haas Racing, introduced us to the world of motorsport in 1991.   As a result of their support and hospitality, we had many great years of exciting involvement in the motor racing industry.  



PPG Indy Car World Series

Michael & Mario Andretti

Michael Andretti #1 car


NO Brinkworth models were COMMISSIONED for the 1992 Mario Andretti #2 car

No Championship this year but a great year for the team, with Father and Son as team drivers again.   Both drivers finished up in the top six of the point standings, and Michael was only four points behind the 1992 Champion, Bobby Rahal.



PPG Indy Car World Series Champion

 Nigel Mansell

Kmart Havoline #5 Lola Ford Cosworth

Nigel Mansell with Al & Elza Brinkworth at the Molson Indy in Vancouver BC, Canada.

A build of 20 - 1:10 scale Lola Cosworths destined for Tokyo

Nigel Mansell's Teammate Mario Andretti, drove an identical lola ford Cosworth, but with a red loop, and the #6.   We built four models of his #6 car, as part of the order for Japan 

Our (home town) race, The Vancouver Molson Indy was the focal point of the year, for us.   a time to catch up with news, and meet so many of our racing friends, in person, each year.  

It was a sad day for our local race fans, when Vancouver decided to pull out of the Indy Car Series schedule.    Never understood it !

1:5th scale #5 lola ford

The signing

The Crymble Bronze

1:5 scale figure of Nigel



PPG Indy Car World Series

Kmart Havoline Lola Ford Cosworth

Nigel Mansell & Mario Andretti

1994 was Nigel Mansell's final year with Newman/Haas Racing before returning to F1

A Limited edition build commemorating Mario Andretti's 12 years of active racing with the Newman/Haas Racing Team

Mario Andretti retired from Newman/Haas Racing in 1994



PPG Indy Car World Series

Kmart Texaco Budweiser Lola Ford

Michael Andretti & Paul Tracy


Michael Andretti

1:10 Scale models were commissioned for the Michael Andretti car.

Paul Tracy's first year with newman/haas Racing


NO Brinkworth models were COMMISSIONED for this car



2002   Cart FedEx Champions

Paul Newman          Christiano Da Matta         Carl Haas.

Above: Cristiano Da Matta's #6 Star Havoline, Lola, Toyota,  sporting the #1, as run in the last few races of the season at the request of Mr. Carl Haas.


2002 Teammate


Toyota Lola

Cristiano         Carl         Christian


2003 Lola Ford Champ Car

Bruno had a great year with Newman/Haas Racing, ending up with second place, in the season points standings behind 2003 Champion Paul Tracy.

One of the three 1:10 scale models commissioned by Newman Haas Racing of the 2003 Pacificar Lola Ford

Photo Credit Dan R. Boyd

The unveiling of the new paint scheme on Sebastien's #2 car, reflecting the addition of the McDonalds Sponsorship.   

   Team-mates: Bruno and Sebastien relax after qualifying

"Unfortunately"   No model was requested for the 2003 #2 Lilly McDonald Car



Sebastien Bourdais

2004 Champ Car World Series Championship team

Sebastien Bourdais and Bruno Junqueira finished up numbers 1 and 2 in the overall point standings for year 2003. 

A Great Championship team, fielded by one of the best in the business,

Newman Haas Racing .... They will be missed, but I will do all I can to keep their name alive !

1:10 Scale model of the Championship car

"Unfortunately"  no models were commissioned for the 2003 Pacificare car


The following 2007 Panoz DP01 models were built under a licensing agreement with:
The Champ Car World Series, Speedgear, and Brinkworth Model & Design Consultants Ltd.

2007 Champion Sebastien Bourdais



1:10 scale Model

   Sebastien Bourdais after clinching his fourth Champ Car World Series title in 2007.    (Champ Car photo)



2007 Medizone - Newman Haas Lanigan Racing - Graham Rahal

Graham Rahal driving the #2 Medizone Car for Newman Haas Lanigan Racing in 2007, was making his debut into the world of Champ Car racing. Claiming second place in only the third race of the season, qualified him as the youngest podium finisher in the history of Champ Car.

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