Just a few of the Brinkworth team of model builders, who worked on these 20, 1:10 scale models.   Mr. Matoo Katsumata, of Chiba Toyopet Co. Ltd. in Japan, commissioned these 20 1:10 scale models, to give as gifts back home in Japan.

above are the 1:10 scale car bodies,  just out of the paint shop.

He also ordered 4 large 1:5th scale Indy car models, and 4 Rolls-Royce Henley Brewsters in 1:8th scale, for display in his Toyota dealership showroom in Tokyo, Japan.  Certainly kept us all very busy for quite a while that summer.

I'm just adding my finishing touches to the Pennzoil Hall/VDS Racing Lola of Teo Fabi, one of the four 1:5th Scale models commissioned in this order.

Packing the models for their trip to Japan was no small task.  It was a big shipment, but to the best of our knowledge everything got there without incident. 

"A credit to FedEx indeed"

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