This trophy piece in 1/10th scale, complete with driver, and a personally hand signed plaque, by the 1961 Formula One World Drivers' Champion Phil Hill, is presented each year, to the winner of this very prestigious award, by the "Road Racing Drivers Club"

Bobby Rahal, president of the Road Racing Drivers Club, presented the first Dino 156 sculpture at the club's award dinner in Daytona, just before the 24 hour race.   

We're very proud of the fact that the club chose our art piece to present to their 2006 award winner.   The club also decided to continue presenting this same trophy for the next ten years until 2015.   With this in mind, we decided to retire this "#2 Sharknose model" giving the club an exclusive on this trophy.       Bobby Rahal was the winner of the 2019 award, presented in Daytona this year.    A call to me from Mr. Rahal to commission an additional 15 signed sculptures, has now extend the presentations of our "Phil Hill Sharknose", each year until 2030.

Many thanks to all the many clients and dealers who supported us in the past, on this Dino 156 venture, and in particular to my friend   Mr. Donn Gurney - President of   Race Legends Incorporated  for bringing this all together for us.

Al Brinkworth     President & CEO

Specifications:  the model is 15-1/2" long, mounted on an 18" x  7-1/2" cast base ... height of car ... from desktop to top of roll loop ... 5-1/2". 



Some previous recipients of the "Phil Hill Award"

1993 John Bishop  1994 Juan Manuel Fangio II  Leo Mehl 1995   Charlie Slater  1996
1997 Danny Sullivan 1998 Rob Dyson  Bob Fergus 1999  Elliott Forbes Robinson  2000
2001 Bill France 2002 Jim Downing  Derek Bell 2003  Brian Redman 2004
2005 Jim France 2006 Roger Werner  Skip Barber 2007  Roger Penske 2008
2009 Bob Bondurant 2010 Nick Craw  Rick Mears 2011  George Follmer 2012
2013 Peter Brock 2014 Hurley Haywood      Vic Elford 2015  Scott Pruett 2016
2017 Chip Ganassi 2018 David Hobbs  Bobby Rahal 2019  Scott Atherton  2021
2022 Mark Raffauf 2023 Bob Riley        

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  2011   Rick Mears 2012  George Follmer   2013  Peter Brock   2014  Hurley Haywood
2015  Vic Elford 2016  Scott Pruett   2017  Chip Ganassi 2018  accepting for David Hobbs
2019  Bobby Rahal 2021  Scott Atherton 2022 Mark Raffauf 2023  Bill Riley for father Bob Riley

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