1993 PPG Indy Car Champions

Nigel Mansell - Newman/Haas Racing

Kmart Havoline Lola Ford Cosworth


all photo credits: Bill Brinkworth

Donna puts the finishing touches to a 1:10 scale Championship model before the driver was added, in one of the first builds of the #5 Kmart cars.

Model shown above, left Vancouver Molson Indy that weekend with Nigel Mansell, the first of two models of his 1993 Championship car, that are now personally owned by this racing legend, or, as I understand it from him, his two Sons.   

Above, shows the signing of the 32 plaques for both our first "Limited Edition Build" of 16 models, back in 1994, and also this "Second Edition", of another 16, planned for release in early 2020.   These collector pieces commemorate the 16 races in his 1993 Championship season, The signing took place in the Newman Haas hospitality area, at the 1994 Vancouver race in Canada.

The 2020 build will also be numbered #1 to #16, and signed by Nigel Mansell himself.   Model #1 and #5 of the new build are already reserved, but all other numbers are available and can be pre-ordered for delivery in the new year.  

All our models are still completely individually hand built, and when production starts they will be built on a strict "first come first served" basis in the new year.   No deposit is required at this time but in order to secure a model you will need to place an order by email.   Once in production we will be in contact with you to schedule a delivery date.

New 2020 signed & numbered build on our new  carbon fiber base with black wood trim (left) with a clear acrylic cover.

$ 6,195.00 US

FOB our workshop in Langley BC Canada

plus Shipping and Handling

our preferred shipping method is FedEx International economy

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