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Our "NEW" sales page is designed to help owners & collectors of Brinkworth Models, to sell, trade or otherwise obtain a "BRINKWORTH MODEL".    If you have a Brinkworth Model that you are interested in selling, I would be glad to post it on this page "FREE".    Any response we receive will be passed onto you directly "FREE".    We are not looking to make any money out of this service, unless we are actually selling a Brinkworth Model ourselves.

My original company "Brinkworth Model & Design Consultants Ltd." of Richmond, BC, which produced all the models you see on this website was retired a couple of years ago.   However, my two Sons, have now decided to continue the family tradition of scale model building themselves.    Both Barry and Bill were with me for many years, as you can see if you tour this website.    Both of them, have the skill and expertise, to produce almost any model that you may require, in the tradition and quality, of my original Brinkworth Models company.

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Lee Bentham's

Players Forsythe Racing #33

1998 KOOL/Toyota Atlantic Champions

Toyota Swift 008a

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A Brinkworth Models

Limited Edition Build of 2 models Only   




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