1998 KOOL Toyota Atlantic Championship Car

Players Forsythe Racing #33  -  Lee Bentham  - Toyota Swift 008a  

These two models were produced in my own personal workshop in Langley B.C. Canada, just this year, 2015, and were a joint project with myself, and both my Sons.  The plaque on the back reads "Brinkworth & Sons".   

I accepted a commission to build two 1998 KOOL Toyota Atlantic Swift 008a - 1:10 scale models, for clients that are the owners of two Toyota Swift 008a (full size chassis), one originally owned by the Players Forsythe Racing Team.    I decided to build two extra models of the "Lee Bentham" "1998 Players Forsythe Racing #33 Championship cars at the same time.   

The reasoning behind that decision, basically, was to off/set some of the development work costs, needed for the two custom built models, for my clients, but also because, back in 1998, these were no 1:10 scale Atlantic Championship #33 Lee Bentham commemoratives cars built.    Mr. Forsythe commissioned us to build a large 1:5th. scale model, of Lee's car, to commemorate his Championship, and also 25 - 1:10 scale Silver Anniversary models of the Swift 008a, to commemorate that memorable 25 year event, of the KOOL/TOYOTA Atlantic Series.

For us to produce just one "Custom built" model of almost any Indy, or Champ car, in 1:10 scale , costs in the region of $ 6,000.00 US, minimum,  because of all the patterns and molds that have to be produced initially.   When race teams commission us to build "Limited Edition" models in quantities like 10 , 15 or 20 models at a time, its easy to off/set those development costs, and immortalize them over a quantity of models.

The two models shown here, I'm offering for for sale, basically at the "TEAM QUANTITY PRICE" of $ 2,700.00 US each, FOB our workshops in Langley BC Canada.   There will only be these two models available, as this Championship collector piece, will never be repeated by us again.          

The models are 16" long, on a base 21.5" long, under an acrylic cover, about 7.5" above the desk top.   Inside plinth is trimmed with black aluminum, and covered in a carbon fiber sheet, produced specifically for Brinkworth Models, at the Elan Motorsport factory in the US, builders of the Panoz DP01 race car.   Main base wood trim is in a black enamel finish. 

                                                                                       Al Brinkworth

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