A Team of Champions

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1993 was one of the most exciting years in the PPG Indy Car World Series.  All the top names in racing were involved in the series at that time, like Rahal, Fittipaldi, Luyendyk, and Sullivan.
Carl Haas .. seen here sporting his famous cigar .. brought the reigning 1992 Formula One World Champion Nigel Mansell to Indy Car to join his driver Mario Andretti, the former 1978 Formula One Champion.
A fantastic year for Newman/Haas Racing with Nigel Mansell securing the 1993 PPG Indy Car World Series Championship for team owners Carl Haas and Paul Newman, remarkably, one race before the end of the season.

This unique sculpture captures these three "greats" during their 1993 season, all Champions in their own right, and all legends in the world of motorsport.

Mario looks on, as Carl and Nigel share a competitive but relaxed moment, with one of Carl's favourite pastimes ...the game of backgammon. 

Specifications:   to the top of the standing figure, it measures approx. 15.3/4".    The oval base measures about 20" long, and 14" from front to back.  Sculptured in 1/5th. scale, and cast in polyurethane, before being painted and hand finished by our artists.

Artist Derek Crymble was commissioned by Brinkworth to create the wax originals for the Carl Haas - Mario Andretti and Nigel Mansell individual figures you see here.

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Nigel Mansell standing tall in this single figure piece, to commemorate his 1993 PPG Indy Car Championship year.
He claimed the Formula One World Drivers Championship in the previous year, 1992, with the Williams-Renault team. 
Nigel won his first race of the 1993 season in his Lola Ford Cosworth Indy Car in Australia, just five seconds ahead of Emerson Fittipaldi.   He was also on the podium at the prestigious Indianapolis 500 that  year  taking  third place, this time only five seconds behind the winner Emerson Fittipaldi.

Specifications:  Figure approx. 16.1/2" tall - 6.1/4" dia. base. 

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Mario Andretti  a true legend in the world of motorsports, has become probably the most well known name in racing.  He was the 1978 Formula One World Champion, driving the John Player's Special Lotus Ford. 
The sculpture here shows him in the 1993 PPG Indy Car World Series, just one year before he retired as a full time driver. 
Being  a personal friend of Paul Newman, Mario was an obvious choice for the team driver, when Carl Haas and Paul Newman formed Newman/Haas Racing in the early 80's.  Mario continued to be an active driver for the team until 1994

Specifications:  Figure approx. 15.3/4" tall - 6.1/4" dia. base.   

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Nigel Mansell & Mario Andretti 
were referred to as the Dynamic Duo, when these two Champions united on the Newman/Haas Racing team that year.   This impressive sculpture, presents the two legendary drivers together once again, to commemorate that unique union of talent. 

Specifications:  Figures approx. 16.1/2" tall

on a 10" wide oval. base.

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