1998 KOOL Toyota Atlantic Championship Car

Players Forsythe Racing #33  -  Lee Bentham  - Toyota Swift 008a  

These two models were produced in my own personal workshop in Langley B.C. Canada in 2015, and were a joint project with myself, and both my Sons.  The plaque on the back reads "Brinkworth & Sons".   

I accepted a commission to build two 1998 KOOL Toyota Atlantic Swift 008a - 1:10 scale models, for clients that are the owners of two Toyota Swift 008a (full size chassis), one originally owned by the Players Forsythe Racing Team.    I decided to build two extra models of the "Lee Bentham" "1998 Players Forsythe Racing #33 Championship cars at the same time.   

The reasoning behind that decision, basically, was to off/set some of the development work costs, needed for the two custom built models for my clients, but also because, back in 1998, these were no 1:10 scale Atlantic Championship #33 Lee Bentham commemoratives cars built.    Mr. Forsythe commissioned us to build a large 1:5th. scale model, of Lee's car, to commemorate the Championship win and also 25 - 1:10 scale Silver Anniversary models of the Swift 008a, to commemorate that memorable 25 year event, of the KOOL/TOYOTA Atlantic Series.

For us to produce just one "Custom built" model of almost any Indy, or Champ car, in 1:10 scale , costs in the region of $ 6,000.00 US, minimum,  because of all the patterns and molds that have to be produced initially.   When race teams commission us to build "Limited Edition" models in quantities like 10 , 15 or 20 models at a time, its easy to off/set those development costs, and immortalize them over a quantity of models.

One has been sold, and I am offering this last one for sale, basically at the "TEAM PRICE" of $ 2,700.00 US FOB our workshops in Langley BC Canada.  This Championship collector piece, will never be repeated by us again.          

The model is 16" long, on a base 21.5" long, under an acrylic cover, about 7.5" above the desk top.   Inside plinth is trimmed with black aluminum, and covered in a carbon fiber sheet, produced specifically for Brinkworth Models, at the Elan Motorsport factory in the US, builders of the Panoz DP01 race car.   Main base wood trim is in a black enamel finish. 

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