1931 Rolls-Royce - Henley Brewster Roadster
"The Pocher / Brinkworth Models built for Historic Marine"

Elza and I putting the last finishing touches to a Brewster

After the first prototype was completed, we applied to Rolls-Royce in the UK, for a license, to produce the Brewster.  The "retired" President of Rolls-Royce Canada was living quite close to me, and visited us to examine, and approve our Brewster model.   The three cars below, were the first "production" models, to be produced under that license.

PROTOTYPE  If you would like to see, and read about the original prototype of the Brewster above, in more detail, please click on the image to the left

LATER VERSION  We built another version of the 1931 Rolls-Royce, without the use of the Pocher kit.   It was an ALL Brinkworth model.  Click the  image to the right.  

The Last 
Rolls-Royce Model Built
under our Rolls-Royce license

This model sort of got .. left behind .. when the above Japanese order was originally built, and it sat for quite a long time waiting for us to finish it.

On completion it was sold instantly, so all we have to show now, are these photographs.   I wish we could have kept it around here a little longer but it was not to be ....

If you are interested in seeing more of this model, click the link below ... to view our "on line brochure", depicting this particular model.


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