Team Kool Green
Brown & Williamson's Tobacco  

Reynard -Honda - Indy Cars


Paul Tracy


Dario Franchitti

Both Paul and Dario joined Team Kool Green in 1998 in the #26 and #27 cars.

Brinkworth Models were asked to build 12 "Limited Edition" Presentation models of each of these Indy cars, each year, until 2001, by:

Brown & Williamson's Tobacco

The models were presented to Team members, drivers etc, at the end of the race seasons.


Either a Team Kool Green #26 or a #27 car, was on displayed at many of the race meetings during the Champ Car season.  By the race fan's participating in what I understand was a very challenging competition, it was possible for them to win one of our 1/10th. scale models, right there at that track meeting.


Dario and Paul were together through the 1998 to 2001 seasons, with Team KOOL Green.   2001 saw the end of the sponsorship from Brown & Williamson's Tobacco, due to the drastic changes in the tobacco laws that governed "race team sponsorship".   These particular new laws had a devastating effect on our business, as 80% of our support came from tobacco sponsorship.