Galles Racing

Valvoline #3 - Al Unser Jr.

Lola - Chevrolet

Our first Galles Racing model was in 1993, when Rick Galles had the "Valvoline" sponsorship and driver Al Unser Jr.  Towards the end of the season, we built a 1/10th. prototype of the Al Unser Jr. #3 car, in preparation for the next years work.  "I just loved the paint scheme and just had to build one".  Unfortunately, we had no idea at that time that Al Unser Jr. had already planned to leave Galles Racing, and join Team Penske. 

Only one model of the 1993 Lola Chevy/ Valvoline #3 was ever built by us, and is now owned by my Son Bill (Christmas Present!)

The next time we built a Galles/Racing car was 1993/1994 as part of our Japanese order, where we built four, 1:10 scale 1993 Molson Lola Chevrolet #7's, as shown above, and one large 1/5 scale.  These were Danny Sullivan 1993 cars.