G.W.R - 14XX Class  0-4-2  Tank Engine and Auto Coach  


The models featured below were built quite a few years ago, in a scale of  10mm : 1 foot , better known as 1/32nd. scale, or Gauge 1.  There were 4, Loco and Coach sets built, 3 G.W.R and 1 B.R.   Three were sold to collectors, and one I retained for my own collection.    Later, I added a station platform and building to one side of the train.   To see more of the train in a Railway Station Diorama, go to Wallingford Station Model.

The locomotive is a 1400 Class, or better known as a 14xx - G.W.R. Collet - 0-4-2 Auto Train Loco.    These engines were originally built as 4800 Class tanks, introduced in 1932, and later re-classified as 1400 Class.    The tank engine featured here is No, 1450, which was attached to the Wallingford Branch in the late 30's. 

The carriage modeled here - No,194, was also attached to the Wallingford Branch around that time, and was built at the Swindon works around 1930.   It is identified as a Diagram A30, Lot 1480.  The model has full interior seat detail, with the fabric pattern simulating very close to the pattern used on that trailer car.  The interior walls are covered with actual painted wood planks as was the original.   The interior lights work, as does the rear red lamp mounted below the centre window.

Under normal Autotrain practice, the engine would pull the coach on it's first journey, to it's destination.      When the train is ready to return, the back end of the coach, becomes the front of the train.    Single branch line operation like the Wallingford run, was a push-pull system.       On the return journey, the fireman would stay in the locomotive at the rear, but the driver would go to the back of the coach, and could actually operate the steam regulator in the engine, from this position, on its return .     A series of square steel control rods, which run the full length of the coach to the loco, enables the driver to do this.

Two of my four locomotives, before decals were applied.     The first being in the Great Western era, and the black for the B.R. era





See the train, in a Railway Station Diorama, at   Wallingford Station Model.