The original Birks Building and famous clock, located on Granville Street in downtown Vancouver BC

Birks   When the beautiful and historic Birks Building on Granville Street in Vancouver was fighting for it's life, the new Birks location was being prepared, further down Granville Street.   The architects came to us with an outline of the Birks name and lion, and also the outline drawing for the Main Glass Door handles, the reversed B's shown below.    My job was to make a full size, three dimensional sculpture in plaster, to be sent to the foundry, and cast in Bronze.   The three images you see below, are the originals, that we built for this purpose.  

The project was very successful, and young Henry Birks, at that time, decided to have our original foundry plugs, mounted on his private office wall.   We're very proud of our work on those sculptures, and my Son still has our original pattern of the Lion, on his workshop wall.   The bronze castings above, on the right, are displayed on a Birks, mall store wall in Vancouver.

Our 4'x 8' originals display