Other - Commercial & Residential Developments

Reflecting on some of the models we have built in the past

Westminster Pier,  New Westminster BC (shown below) Private Residence of Mike Poppell        (shown below)  
Hoson Center, Richmond BC             (shown below) Women's Prison, Vancouver BC   
Cressy Residential, Richmond BC         (shown below) Save-On-Foods,  Richmond BC   
Furry Creak Golf Club, Vancouver BC     (shown below) St. George's School,  Vancouver BC  
Cunningham Gardens , Richmond BC     (shown below) Metrotown Center,  Vancouver BC 
Paul Evanish, Vancouver BC               (shown below) Royal Center,  Vancouver BC   
Landmark Residential, Vancouver BC Triumph - UBC,  Vancouver BC  
Richmond Golf Club, Richmond BC       (shown below)  
Greenall Bros - School Vancouver BC      (shown below)  
Com./Res. Building  Cambie & Robson    (shown below)  

Westminster Pier Development

One of the developers involved in this project, was Mr. Bruce Branch, owner of the Mansion on SW Marine Drive (Casa Mia) that we built a model of, not too long before the Westminster Pier project started.     Westminster Pier was a very striking model, and as you can see, we added lighting to the interior.    The small motor yacht in the for-ground, is a rough copy of one owned personally, by Mr. Bruce Branch.    We just added it for effect.

Some detail of the entrance to the complex

My wife Elza, showing the model at it's early stage of production, in it's plexiglas basic form Final stage fully landscaped and almost ready to go with our two Sons, Barry and Bill
Hoson Center

Richmond BC

Hoson Center was another local development, right here in Richmond.   There were a few proposals initially, one by Architect Brian Kramer, for it's design, and I'm not sure which one finally got built, but this is one of the models we built.   Pretty sure it was the final design.

Reflections of Some early Models

custom home for Mr. Mike Poppell

school unit - by Greenall Bro's

Robson Square  Cambie St and Robson St.

Golf & Country club in Richmond

Cressy Residential complex

Furry Creak golf club

Left - Cunningham Gardens in Richmond

  large residential development by Paul Evanish Architects above and below.

Some interior planning models built for Vancouver architect/designer , Bruno Freschi