Criterion Engineering

Depicting the mechanical features, of  Air Canada's  container handling facility, at the Mirabel Airport in Montreal, Canada

"Traveling Pallet Loader"

This, custom built model for Criterion Engineering of Richmond BC was a fully, hydraulically operated "Traveling Pallet Loader (TPL).   It was on display at the opening ceremonies of the, then new,  Mirabel Airport in Montreal in 1980.

The TPL model, continually moved back and forth along it's track, loading miniature aircraft containers, on and off, the line of electrically powered, roller deck racks, along the back of the base platform.   These are not the best photographs of this model, but unfortunately, all we have. 


 The control console above, could operate the TPL and power decks manually.   All rams on the TPL were fully hydraulic, fed from a pump mounted under the base platform.  

The mechanical display was completely programmable also,  to work unattended 24-7 if need be.    It was a very challenging model to design, and took quite a few hundred hours to construct.

The base platform was approx 10 feet long and 4 feet wide.    I spent a week in Montreal, installing and setting up the unit.    It was the first of many very challenging engineering projects commissioned my Criterion Engineering over the years that followed.