Corporate Gifts

Fine quality scale models, I believe, are appreciated by most men.   It may be a car, a train, a ship, or any scale model that is eye-catching, and looks good in a man cave, den, or on the office desk.   Most successful business people, like to give small gifts to business associates, staff and the like, at the end of the business year.    In the early 90's , our family business turned a corner, and fell right into the business of gift building, when we entered the world of Motor Racing.   The idea of giving a race driver a model of the car they drove that year, or the driver, to give a model to his mechanic, for services rendered, was really a very nice thing to do.  The idea of buying him a toaster, or camera was fine, but the ultimate was to have something custom made, that could not be purchased from a store shelf.   That's where our business really started to grow.   Before very long, team owners, and sponsors were ordering anything from 1 to 25 model cars each year, to present to drivers, sponsors and mechanics, to acknowledge their contribution to the teams efforts.

Below was the start of this trend, which began for us in the mid 70's

Business Card Scissor Lifts Custom built for Criterion Engineering of Richmond BC, all metal, nickel plated models, which could raised and lowered manually.   One year we made them with a small desk calculator, fitted to the top deck.    Given to business associates, usually with a bottle, at Christmas time