AIM STEEL LTD.   Annacis Island   BC

This was another really fun model to build for AIM Steel, and a pity we do not have more pictures to show of it when completed.    It was big, over 20 feet long, mounted on five, 4' x 8' steel framed tables.    The model showed the AIM Steel site on Annacis Island, and was used to plan major building changes being planned at that time.   As you may have guessed, the site was an island, and the model had to show a very large body of water, all along one side. 

The barge loading area consisted of large pylons in the water, to carry the overhead crane.   We had experimented with pouring melted wax on a surface, and blowing air from fans, over the wax surface to create tiny ripples, which stayed in the surface when dry.   It was a nice effect and with the wax tinted in a brown/green shade, it mimicked the view of the Frasier River perfectly.   It also looked very effective where the pylons went into the water as the wax was semi-transparent.   We also added a couple of sharks under the wax for effect.    The challenge was to get enough wax melted at the same time, to pour a 20' section of the simulated water area.   We melted it in saucepans on the stove, then poured the wax into a heated garbage can, until we had enough melted, then ladled it out and three people poured as quickly as we could, before the wax could set.    It worked great.   A little distressing later at general meetings to see people standing hot cups of coffee on the body of water, and leaving cup rings in the wax.