The Royal Bank of Canada


Home Improvement Loan - Bank Displays

 My wife and I went to our Royal Bank manager in Kerrisdale, to suggest a display, to illustrate exterior home improvements.     A model house built in a 1/2" = 1 foot scale, of an "old" home, split into two.    One half showing old roof and wall shingles, and the other half showing new stucco, fascias & stone.  The idea was to promote interest with homeowners, in home improvements loans.    We took a model to head office in Vancouver and came away with a two year contract to build 4 models, which were rented, and rotated each month, to most of the Royal Bank Branches in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, over a two year period.   That brought us in a cool $100.00 per month, steady, and considering our own house rent was only $150.00 a month at that time, it was a great deal for us.   We built the 4 models in 3 weeks, and sold the models off, at the end of the rental agreement.