Essex Elevated Arts

for Essex, Ontario

Our man was to give a sense of the scale ..... he was not part of the model ! 

Above, my Son Barry, applying final touches to the railway station, and below, view down the railroad tracks.    More of my Brother Bob's great trees also.

These huge grain silos, are not the most attractive structures to dominate a landscape, but this idea was really innovative.  As it's pretty plain to see, the idea was to decorate them with historic artwork.   The model site had an existing railway station in the for-ground, and the decorated silos, towering above, in the background. 

The Elevated Arts Program was proposed by the Industrial Economic Expansion committee, in Essex Ontario, using the model as a tool, to show their proposal.  

The proposal was a huge success, and was welcomed by the Town of Essex, with open arms.   We got one of the nicest official letters from the project committee, after their meetings, thanking us for our efforts in portraying their ideas so well.    It's so nice to get that sort of feedback, for work on a model that was so much fun for our team to build.